As outdoor living grows in popularity, ways to expand time spent in the out of doors also is climbing. Thanks to one practical, pleasing and warming solution, family and friends are keeping comfy and cozy and enjoying their outdoor spaces longer.  The addition of a free-standing fire feature or fire pit will not only heat things up outdoors, but create a centerpiece for gatherings year around.

Choosing the proper fire pit can involve examining everything from what’s hot to what’s a lifestyle fit.  If you’re looking to make the proper selection, check out these considerations for warming up your outdoors!

TIP #1:  Construction Cues

As with any luxury outdoor furnishing, fire features are crafted in a variety of materials and constructions.  When making a selection, quality and durability should be top considerations.  Whatever the locale or season, aluminum ranks high and is able to withstand everything Mother Nature deals out.  Maintenance also is easy with cast aluminum guaranteeing enjoyment and use year after year.  The material used to manufacture the burners is important. Burners should be mad using high quality stainless steel.

TIP #2: Design Details

Contemporary or transitional…. Round or rectangular….  Today’s fire features are available in a long list of options from shape and size to overall design style, table top motifs, or finishing selections. Seeking a brand that offers choice and customization can create a one-of-a-kind spark to any outdoor room.

TIP #3: BTU Clues

While most free-standing propane fire pits have a heat output of 40,000 BTU, there are differences in the burners that need to be explored. A quality fire pit will offer 50,000 – 60,000 BTUs.  The greater the BTUs, the greater the heat that is generated, the area heated as well as the efficiency in windy situations.

TIP #4: Safety Specs

With the addition of any fire feature to your outdoor spaces, safety becomes a consideration. Various ignition systems are available. Push button ignition systems are sometimes problematic. Match lit systems like used by Castelle are less problematic.  Glass wind guards also can add elegance and effective protection from fire shifts.

TIP #5  Let’s Chat

A tip as well as a trend is to plan for fireside seating.  The combination of cushioned action outdoor lounge chairs with a fire pit is a guaranteed welcome addition.  90% of all fire pits sold are of chat height creating a warm and conversational addition to an outdoor space. Quality fire pit designs also include lids to protect burners and create greater eating surfaces during warmer months.