Come Over… Come Outside!


This month’s issue of House Beautiful invites its readers from the very cover to “Tell Everyone to Come Over.”  Within this show house issue highlighting the culmination of a year’s work on the Nashville, TN Whole Home Concept House, Barclay Butera and Castelle further invite everyone to “Come Outside!”


An elegant outdoor living space was created for this project through Barclay’s artistry of design and Castelle’s luxury furnishings. Let’s talk with Barclay about the experience, his latest collection for Castelle and his desire to entice everyone to dress their home’s outdoors with show house style.

Tell us about the beginnings of this extraordinary project for House Beautiful.

BB:   I was thrilled to have this opportunity. When I was first approached about the project, I knew immediately I was going to showcase my latest collection of furnishings with Castelle called Savannah; designed with a nod to the beauty and gentility of the South.


How did the elements and coloration of the Savannah Collection fit your plans for the outdoor space?

BB:   I was lucky that the editor was craving color, so for that I was extremely grateful! I love the element of surprise with a show house space and the fresh pops of coral really make the space sing. We also hold a deep respect for the architecture, and the scale of Savannah is absolutely perfect for this magnificent home.


The inspiration for the patio areas came from the new Castelle Savannah Collection, where did the inspiration for the coloration and textiles? 

BB: Honestly, I love working with Kravet fabrics for all my projects and their outdoor selections are fantastic. I think coral is such a beautiful, organic balance to blue and white; I was thrilled to infuse it into this design.


Without an “official” client or family, how were the plans for the seating/dining areas developed? 

BB: Oh, that was easy, I just imagined living in that home and how I would use it. Relaxing in the semi-covered porch area and dining in the fresh air outdoor space was the ticket!


Was the approach to this Show house different due to the variety of visitors that would visit the home? 

BB: No, in a show house I rarely design for the audience. House Beautiful came to me for the quintessential Barclay Butera look, and I was ecstatic to learn they were looking for colorful, playful, exciting designs for outdoor! No one needs to see another beige patio set.


In outdoor spaces, what are you seeing client’s requesting?

BB: Clients want to live simply with very little complications these days. They want glamorous, but comfortable and inviting designs to relax at the end of the day with family and friends.


Now that’s inviting!