October 28, 2016 – Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  –  CASTELLE, award-winning designer and manufacturer of handcrafted luxury furnishings, recently unveiled during the Fall 2016 High Point Market the first in its showroom redesigns. As the next phase in CASTELLE’s brand strengthening initiative, showrooms in High Point, Atlanta and Chicago will be reconfigured and designed to highlight the collections as well as luxury outdoor living. In the Castelle High Point Showroom, designers Debbie Berge and Kristin Alber of FOUND by DB took the total re-design to the next level. The design team has been tapped for all CASTELLE showroom revamps.

“The look and on-trend feel of our showrooms are important components of our overall brand strengthening,” said Steve Lowsky, CEO, CASTELLE. “Kristin and her team’s vision worked to bring the handcrafted luxury message across in an exciting and visually impactful manner. Each of our collections is presented to the utmost advantage through coordinated displays and accessorizing.”

Outdoor rooms within the 4,000 square foot High Point Showroom in the IHFC Main building were created through the use of movable walls and product placements. Floor coverings, art and accessories completed each of the near two dozen furniture vignettes.

“Not only did our design team provide a fresh new look for this luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer, but in partnering with our marketing team, we were able to achieve for CASTELLE a mutually beneficial collaboration with many of our designer favorites for finishing touches,” said Kristin Alber, REstyleSOURCE. Wendover Art, Currey & Company, Jaipur Living, Accent Decor, Lacefield & Selamat Designs provided pieces to compliment the new CASTELLE collections within the High Point showroom.

The goal of the total revamp of the showroom was to allow designers and retailers to “get the looks” for their clients. A showroom handout “look book” was provided to accomplish this effort.

“The response to this initial showroom presentation was overwhelming,” said Lowsky. “The visual experience buyers have with our products within our showrooms is equally important as that of our other marketing materials. It is a total package that we are extremely proud to present to customers and prospective customers.”