May 16, 2019.  – Sunrise, FL – Effective Friday, May 10th, a 25% tariff was placed on furniture products imported from China into the United States. This action will result in price increases for the vast majority of the casual furnishings market.  However, retailers of Castelle, manufactured entirely in Costa Rica, will see no increase in Castelle product as these goods are not subject to the tariffs.

“With all Castelle products made in the Americas, Castelle will not be subject to the 25% tariff that began on May 10th, 2019.  As such, retailers will not lose profits or sales that could result from price increases necessary to offset the tariffs,” said Mark Stephens, president, Castelle. “Retailers can continue to offer tremendous quality and comfort with Castelle, and now at even greater value when compared to the product imported from China.”

The tariff was a part of a two-phase implementation that began in September of 2018 at which time customs and border protection began collecting 10% additional duties on container shipments from China.  Effective May 10, 2019, this was increased to 25%. Castelle product shipments are tariff-free due to their construction in the Americas.