The buildings and halls throughout the recent High Point Market were teaming with designers and home furnishing aficionados. One such expert and designer to the rich and famous of Beverly Hills, Christopher Grubb spent some time in the Castelle showroom and we were able to speak about what his clients are looking for in outdoor and a color trend he is seeing.

Q. At the recent High Point Market, was there a home furnishings trend that you saw on display in showrooms?
A. In the last couple of years, I have seen strong growth in the use of black in kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures. At this market it is definitely expanding into furniture, fabric and lighting in a big way. Seeing it used on the Castelle outdoor furniture by Barclay Butera was unexpected and very elegant.

Q. When you are working with a high end homeowner, are there budget parameters?A. I would say for most of the outdoor projects we do, the range is from the lowest at $200,000 all the way up to a million or more. In 25 years in the business with the caliber of clients I am fortunate to have, I have yet for someone to say there isn’t a budget! Every client has one but it is also my responsibility to educate them as to project costs and when they are in doubt as to what their budget should be, I ask “what number scares you”, which helps find out their real budget. Client’s sometimes want to find a cost savings in finishes, but they obtain their bid which manifests the majority of the budget is construction. I never want a client to sacrifice a finish to save a little bit of money but later regret it and say “why didn’t I keep it” and remind them in the process “what is the value of your pleasure” long term.

Q. What are tips in creating luxury outdoor living spaces?
A. When building an entire outdoor room, my goal is to create an extension of the home. My design approach is based on really understanding the function and feeling that the client wants for the space. Attention to details is always important. Giving them surprise details or unique materials that they don’t expect is why we are hired. For some clients, creating a vacation-like feel is the goal.

Q. How do you see innovations in outdoor furnishings and fabrics changed the way outdoor spaces are designed?
A. Good question. What is amazing is to see the advancements in outdoor fabrics. With the advent of the technology to make outdoor fabrics feel like chenille or have tassels and cords, has led to using outdoor fabrics not only outdoors; but indoors as well. The styling has also changed. There was such a period of traditional style in outdoor that now with contemporary lines including aluminum, a fresh style voice has been added.


  • Christopher Grubb, celebrity designer and founder and president of Arch-Interiors design group inc., is an internationally recognized and highly awarded interior design and exterior design firm.