John Tweet, Award Winning Designer, Clive Daniel Home

Q & A 

What made you select the CASTELLE furnishings for the outdoor spaces on this project?

John Tweet: Scale, Style, Quality and Price were the major determining factors. The project had a large exterior with a dining area, outdoor kitchen and a beautiful pool. The scale of the Castelle pieces were perfect to furnish this space. The style of the chosen group fit perfectly and the quality complimented this high-end luxury home. It was an easy choice to utilize Castelle.

CASTELLE: How did the selected furnishings fit the client’s and your design plan?

John Tweet:  They fit perfectly in line with overall feeling and design direction of the house. The floor plan lends itself to an open, breezy concept which flows effortlessly into the outdoor space. The furnishings selected are stylish and appealing – in turn representing the level of clientele that are looking for a luxury home in Naples.

CASTELLE:  Was the contemporary design style of the Castelle furnishings a trend you were seeing expanding in outdoor furnishings?

John Tweet:  Most definitely. It is fresh and clean/ Castelle is leading the way for this type of current trend.

CASTELLE: Are you seeing more creativity coming from the outdoor furnishings segment?

John Tweet:  Absolutely, no question about it. The outdoor aspect of the business has always excelled in fabrics but not as much in actual furniture styles. This has all changed in the last year or so and Castelle has lead the way in STYLE.

Thanks for your insight!

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