Q.  When does the selection of furnishings for one of your luxury exterior design project occur?

A.  During the original design process and planning presentation furnishings for the entire project are decided upon.  For each area of our plan, the furnishings are an important component.  Our clients come to us for the complete package from outdoor structures and features to the final fabric and furnishings selections.  We design the entire package based on the clients’ desires for use of the space.  The outdoor furnishings are definitely a part of the client’s desired functionality and experiences.

Q   What are your tips for stylish outdoor living?

A.  Every great outdoor design begins with a focus on the needs of the client and their lifestyle.  We are inspired by styles found in travels to art; but elements for relaxation and gathering then are incorporated through an efficient space and use plan that will include the quality furnishings.

Q. Do you mix furnishing styles within an outdoor design?

A. Each “room” within the outdoor plan has a distinct function; for this reason, furnishings from one room to the next requires a variation in look and appeal.  We find that mixing furnishing constructions, styles and textiles helps not only to define spaces, but also to present personalized outdoor living stories.


Q   What characteristics of the Castelle furnishings most make them a choice for your high-end customers?

A.  The quality of the Castelle furnishings is a major factor in it being a go-to brand for our luxury clientele.  We work on homes near to waterways and the aluminum and its durability as well as the superior finishing makes Castelle a brand that satisfies the demands of our high-end customers.  The custom capabilities of Castelle also allows us to create living areas that are truly personal and ultimately one of a kind.