Dixie Oberg, Degreed Lead Designer

At Charlotte, NC Fire House Casual Living Store, Dixie Oberg, degreed Lead Designer, recently worked with a homeowner to dress a newly constructed outdoor living space. The services of Oberg are available to customers requiring a full project proposal including sketches, measured space planning and a custom design plan. For this project, Oberg created a full slide presentation of furnishings, finishes and fabrics that included the use of Castelle’s Bellagio collection. “I do a presentation, layout fabrics and finishes that is geared to Wow,” said Oberg.

Dixie sat down with us to discuss the project and the comfortable and happy outcome.

Q & A 

What was the client’s plan for the space?

Dixie Oberg: They came in and were working with one of the Fire House Casual Living Store design consultants. When they started looking at furniture, they needed assistance in deciding what to select for the space. They were building on to their house with a slate porch and wanted a comfortable place to sit with a gas fire pit and to have coffee or entertain.

What was your inspiration?

Dixie Oberg: The family’s interior design style was the basic inspiration for the newly constructed outdoor space. The homeowner wanted the inside to flow to the outside. On the inside of the home, they had used a neutral décor plan with pops of red and that influenced what we would do for the outdoor space.
They also were looking to continue a traditional design style. Due to that, my proposal included the cast aluminum Bellagio from Castelle. A rug was brought in and a Sunbrella® throw and custom pillows to coordinate with the fabrics selected on the Castelle furniture.

What influenced your choice of Castelle for the furnishings?

Dixie Oberg: This was a higher end client and I know that Castelle is one of our better lines. With this collection, we were able to deliver good quality, durability and the beautiful traditional looks. This was an investment in their outdoor space and Castelle was a fit. I could tell by the inside of their home that they wanted quality furniture. Also, as baby boomers, they didn’t want to replace often the furnishings. It was an investment. With Castelle, we were able to provide this.

What do you see as the highlight off the project?

Dixie Oberg: The highlight of the entire project was the customer’s satisfaction. When the patio was completed, the homeowner was literally glistening. She couldn’t quit smiling. Pleasing her and ultimately having a happy, satisfied customer was definitely the highlight of the project.


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