For CASTELLE, the High Point Market delivered an exciting experience with violins and wine launching the  Estate Collection from Biltmore® by Castelle and an educational event with Barclay Butera kicking off his latest introduction into the luxury outdoor living category, the Palm Springs Collection from the Barclay Butera Outdoor for Castelle.  We spoke with designers visiting the showroom to get their thoughts on the Castelle introductions.

Lucy Baer of Baer Haus Design, Havana, Florida and Teri Kellam of Kellam Group Interiors, located in Estero, Florida were excited about the new introductions. Each offer insight and comment on the collections from which we all can learn.

Q.  Castelle celebrated two major introductions during the spring 2018 market; the Estate Collection from Biltmore® by Castelle and the Palm Springs Collection from Barclay Butera for Castelle.  What do you see as the highlight of each of these luxury collections?

A. Baer: What I liked about Biltmore by Castelle’s Estate Collection was that Castelle is willing to put a lot of detail into it. For outdoor, simplicity has typically been trending. On Biltmore, there was detail right down to the elements on the tabletop. For those who like a sense of history, luxurious living, very classic design, it was a hit and spoke to a time of gracious quiet elegance.  I think that is what the Biltmore represents and this sense was reflected in the collection.  I was glad to see it. There are still those who are not ashamed to have a sense of history. My client, who I see liking this, grew up with elegance and she has a traditional interest; but will incorporate it into a definite eclectic style.  Biltmore is going to appeal to her.

As far as the Butera (Palm Springs) Collection; I like it but it is what we are seeing most in the market for the millennials.  It is what appeals to them with simplicity; but an edgy feel.  The asymmetric elements and the simplicity speak to my young executive clients; but also offers the unexpected with its modern appeal.

A.  Kellam: The highlight for me of the Estate Collection from Biltmore® by Castelle and the Palm Springs Collection from Barclay Butera for Castelle was the availability of both very classic and timeless designs as well as modern available to incorporate into outdoor living plans for my clients. Both traditional and transitional elements were on display and will be a perfect fit whatever my clients’ style preferences.

Q.   In general, Castelle is known for creating custom looks, how do you see this allowing your customers to add their personal style into an outdoor space?

A.  Baer: Castelle is very accommodating. With one of my clients, the homeowner is going to like Biltmore; but she also likes eclectic and funky with lots of color. With the way Castelle accommodates, for custom looks, I will be able to be crazy with fabrics, pillows and trim. It will be great.

A.  Kellam: Castelle is my go-to for specifying projects for outdoor space.  The quality is unsurpassed and the flexibility for finishes and fabrics allows a great amount of customization to my client’s personal style needs.


About Lucy Baer … As one of the first licensed interior designers for the state of Florida and a member, board member and past president of her ASID, Lucy offers tremendous professional design insight.

About Teri Kellam …Teri Kellam is the lead designer of Kellam Group Interiors with 25+ years of professional business experience and design training.  After understanding your vision, Teri shares her expertise in colors, patterns, textures, and proportions and incorporates it into interior and exterior designs that tell your story.