Gary Inman

Barclay Butera for Castelle

Delivering creative insight from designers visiting the recent High Point Market!  Designer, Gary Inman (@garyinman) was one of the designers selected by the HIGH POINT MARKET for the INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER. As vice president of hospitality from Richmond, VA based baskervill, an international Hospitality giant, Gary was given the task of selecting  – from the over 2,000 exhibitors taking part in the international furniture market – just 6 products to featu
re on INSTAGRAM!  His selection may also end up in one of his high end projects!

The Chaise Lounge from the Barclay Butera Outdoor Collection for CASTELLE was selected by Mr. Inman for an Instagram Takeover!

With this distinction – Castelle wanted to take the opportunity to speak with Gary about his selection as well as designing for the Outdoor Room!

Q & A

In selecting products across the High Point Market, what were elements that most excited you? 
I appreciated the innovation in updating vintage patterns and design languages. Michelle Workman’s chic Parisian deco silhouettes and luxurious materials at French Heritage were a standout and there were similar creative moments with Jeffrey Bilhuber’s collection for Henredon and David Phoenix’s collection for Hickory Chair. All were clearly looking at the past for design inspiration, but the updates were convincing and fresh.

How did the CASTELLE product fit this criteria?  What interested you most with the BARCLAY BUTERA OUTDOOR COLLECTION for CASTELLE – Chaise Lounge? 
I loved every aspect of Barclay’s collection. The pristine blue and white color palette, and the geometric fretwork made this a timeless and stately collection. The brass was the perfect jewelry accent. The quality and pricing were exceptional, a true value for a lifetime. I anticipate this will be a best-seller across all styles.

Was the transitional design style of the Barclay Butera Outdoor Collection a trend you were seeing expanding in High Point?
Yes, I hate the word transitional because it seems vague and uncertain, but the bridging of traditional design idioms with modern sensibilities was manifest in all the top showrooms. Barclay mastered that approach in this collection.

Did the fact that it was built for outdoor influence your excitement about the product?
Yes, our team at Baskervill is doing more and more design work for outdoor  spaces at hotels and resorts. Loggias, terraces, roof top bars, and spa suites….all will benefit from the Butera – CASTELLE collaboration. I already have projects in mind for this collection.

Are you seeing more creativity coming from the outdoor furnishings segment? Do you see the use of celebrity design professionals as fueling this trend?
Outdoor living has exploded in the past decade. We all aspire to entertain and live in nature. It is nurturing, relaxing and taps into a the deepest aspects of our spirit. I love it when a celebrity designer truly delivers the goods, not all succeed, but when it works it can be truly inspiring because their bold vision can inform and encourage other designers to push their boundaries.

Gary M. Inman, Allied ASID, Vice President of Hospitality, Baskervill

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