Designer, Tanya Paradis recently worked with a local Arizona client on their Idaho hilltop home. She explains her design process as beginning with listening to the client’s needs  and then working  to enhance their outdoor environments utilizing the space and the overall aesthetic of each individual area.

“The personal relationships I have formed while assisting my clients is important, because it gives me an insight to their lifestyle, and their personalities,” said Paradis. “I love the juxtaposition of clean lines and fabrics that are rich in texture. My personal style includes the marriage of varying styles while keeping the lines classic and clean.”

Tanya spoke with CASTELLE on her design for this second home as well as her selection of the handcrafted custom furnishings by Castelle.

Q. What was the client’s desire for the project and how did your plan address this?

A. We’ve worked with these clients previously and they loved the comfort of the Castelle furnishings we utilized in designing their Arizona home. The overall goal was to carry that same comfort and luxury into their hilltop residence to create a fresh, but transitional design. The clients really wanted to focus on complimenting the space and accommodate for those amazing views!

We selected the “Trento” collection because of its clean and simple lines, back height and cushion comfort. The client was drawn to the fabric “Nobu II Sand” and we built the rest around that specific print. The entire project just flows. The table tops, the fire pit, the fabrics, all form a harmonious environment that melds graciously with the landscaping and exterior finishes.

Q. What influences your choice of outdoor furnishings?

A. There are many factors that go into the selection process. Primarily, as I mentioned before, the general aesthetic of the space, and the way in which it will be used. I always strive to give my design clients outdoor furnishings that they can truly “live” in. I encourage the use of furnishings that are both beautiful and functional. I really listen to my customer and from there, we collectively make decisions that make sense for them and the way they exist within the space. My favorite projects are those where we work with the landscape architects, builders and home owners at the original design phase of construction. Design is my passion and being able to assist in bringing that vision to reality, is always rewarding!

Q. Do you mix furnishing styles within an outdoor plan?

A. I encourage the mixture of styles and materials. It’s the best way to bring the client’s personality to a space! I will always try to have at least a few custom pieces that makes the outdoor area special and distinct.

. What trends are you seeing in outdoor living decor?

A. The outdoor furnishings I am excited about for the upcoming season are furniture collections that are mixing various materials. I love some of the visually “lighter weight” styles such as “Avenue” by Castelle. I’ve seen a lot of Teak mixed with linen and the introduction of rope details has been fun to think about using. I’m an avid reader myself, so I am excited about the oversized lounges, day beds and hanging swings that invite you to just cozy up and read a good book. The introduction of richer textures and natural materials is a game changer for me.

Q.  What are Tanya’s Tips for stylish outdoor design?

TIP #1: I always recommend to my clients that they start with a neutral palette and build the design from there.   

TIP #2: Introduce fabulous tables and mix and match patterns, colors and textures in your toss pillows.

TIP #3: Utilize area rugs to assist in defining spaces and don’t forget the importance of shading! There are fabulous umbrellas on the market.

TIP #4: In the outdoor furniture world, you really do get what you pay for, so, don’t settle. I ask my clients all the time, “In 5 years, will you want to look outside and still be inspired by what you see? “If not, don’t do it. With any outdoor space, it should really be an extension of the interior. Invest in timeless pieces and you will never be disappointed.


Designer: Tanya M. Paradis, All American Outdoor Living; 

Location of Project: Boise, Idaho; 

Furniture Brand used: Castelle and Brown Jordan; 

Photography credit: Dee Hinger (The Client)