The holidays have always held a special place in the history of what is known today at America’s Largest Home®, Biltmore®.  It was on Christmas eve of 1895 that George Vanderbilt first opened his palatial home in the mountains of North Carolina with a festive gathering. From a coaching party to a mistletoe hunt, the outdoors played a role in this gala affair.  Today, through that very estate’s successful collaboration with outdoor furniture manufacturer, Castelle, history, the holidays and outdoor entertaining can be a part of any yuletide gathering.  Take a few tips from Castelle® for hosting holiday guests with historically welcoming hospitality and style.

TIP #1: Festive As All Outdoors.

During the holiday season, events and gatherings are happening everywhere. Make your party stand out from the rest by taking it to the outdoors! What better way to embrace the season than celebrating under the stars? No need to limit the guest list when you can plan to fill the outdoors with venues for dining, dancing, warmth and overall holiday wow.

TIP #2: Set The Outdoor Mood.

In the casualness of the outdoors, there is no reason to skip on glamour and ambiance when setting the mood for your guests. Lantern lighting to vintage holiday music can add a defining mood, but there is no better way to create a warm and welcoming experience than with fire. In this season of lights, fire features can create both illumination and warmth for your guests. Available in a variety of styles and constructions, fire pits like that from Biltmore by Castelle’s Estate Collection deliver durability with a cast aluminum design, efficiency with propane gas power – 60,000 BTUs and convenience with serving space for drinks and party eats.

TIP #3: Serve Up A Signature.

Add to the flavor of your outdoor gathering with signature bites or drinks fit for alfresco enjoyment. One delicious twist to crown the celebration is a cocktail using Biltmore’s Mariporta Red Dessert Wine. Mariporta Portspresso – Bold flavors of espresso and chocolate perfectly highlight the mocha and caramel tasting notes of Biltmore’s Mariporta Red Dessert Wine in this expressive cocktail. The Mariporta Portspresso cocktail is a welcomed treat when gathered fireside with friends and family this holiday season. Preparation Time: 0:05. Cooking Time: 0:00 (Recipe from Biltmore Shop)

TIP #4: Add Alfresco Comfort.

Whether the outdoor soiree is a dinner for eight or a gathering for dozens, providing comfortable outdoor seating is a must. Luxury outdoor furnishings like those in the Antler Hill Collection from Biltmore by Castelle can deliver comfort whatever the gathering. This historically inspired collection includes plush tailored lounging, love seats and sofas as well as farmhouse chic dining tables and large capacity cushioned dining benches. Durable performance fabrics custom selected for your outdoor décor will provide comfort for your parties year after year.

TIP #5: Make History.

Capture the Memories. Let your festivities live on through photos on social media platforms. If your party captures holiday entertaining in the out of doors, tag Castelle or Biltmore by Castelle! Happy Holidays!